The recording of this week’s live stream on Mixcloud has been uploaded to the archive.

I dug around the vault this week and picked out some long lost hits and a few more popular ones too, plus took a bunch of requests as well. Most tracks are off vinyl this week

I am sure you will find something you will like and something you’ve not heard in ages.




The recording of this week’s live stream on Mixcloud has been uploaded to the archive.



This week’s Powerzone we keep a bit more on track with the spirit of the show. There’s also a selection of some cool new tracks this week as well, all of which fit beautifully with the New Wave that features so much on Powerzone.


The recording of this week’s 1 hour show on SWR FM has been uploaded to the archive.

This week on Powerzone, we mix it up with both album tracks and singles. Hope you like the change and the chance to discover something you’ve not heard before. Check out the playlist here.

Also audio from last Saturday night’s live stream has also been added to the archive. Check out the playlist here.


The popularity of Powerzone has been growing exponentially over the last few weeks, thanks to the lockdowns, printed media appearances and word of mouth. I am completely grateful for all the support so far, and I hope you will continue to tell your friends and family about it.
This surge in popularity has meant a significant increase in requests during Saturday night live streams, pushing the show out from 2 hours, then 3 and now 4 hours to fit in my own programming plus the songs everyone has been requesting. Whilst I am happy to accommodate by extending to 4 hours, it has resulted in some requests probably not in the spirit of “home of the hard to find” which was the main reason for the Saturday night stream.
So from this weekend onwards, I will be seeking your help to keep this spirit in mind when picking your music. I will also be limiting requests to a maximum of 3 per show for each person submitting them, and if I cannot manage to play all of them on the night, they will be carried over to the following week’s live stream where possible.
I am fully aware this may put some of you off side, but I still need to get some enjoyment out of it as well, and playing stuff the regular classic hits radio stations run several times a week is not helping to keep things on track.
I appreciate your help and understanding. Thanks again for being a part of the show and supporting me.