Album cover for In My World


A1   Love Is Such A Lonely Song
A2   Haunting Me
A3   Razor’s Edge
A4   In My World
A5   Nights And Days
B1   It’s Only A Movie
B2   This Dance
B3   Memories
B4   A Year From Now
B5   Book Of Life


Yesterday my V-Capri LP turned up in the post. For those outside of Western Australia, V-Capri was a popular Perth band who were around during the mid to late 80s. They ended up having one of their songs used in an episode of Neighbours in 89, and appeared on various Perth-based TV shows. The band did well for themselves on the WA music charts, but never really cracked the national market, always ending up outside the Top 50.

This morning I have been listening to their LP “In My World” which is a nice mix of 80s New Wave, which sounds like a cross between the Machinations, Venetians, Jump Incorporated and at times Pseudo Echo. Whilst there’s a couple of cheesy soaring guitar ballads, which every 80s LP needs, the rest of it is a really solid album and deserves more recognition than it initially received.

I will be giving a few of these tracks on Powerzone in coming weeks. /Paul